Mom’s-let your kids be Black Belts

I couldn't have said it better myself, so instead let my friend, martial arts guru Tom Callos say it instead.

Kids who immerse themselves in martial arts practice don’t end up being the victims of bullies in school, they’re left alone, as bullies most usually pick on kids they know aren’t going to stand up for themselves. Kids who study the martial arts also usually end up being adults —who don’t get bullied in the workplace.

Kids who practice the martial arts hang out with teens and adults who practice the martial arts —and those are most often people who value physical exercise, good nutrition, calmness under pressure, and who set goals and methodically —and with no small amount of effort, —set out to achieve them. Not a bad crowd to hang out with at all.
Kids who study the martial arts often hear power words like “respect,” “courtesy,” “focus,” “compassion,” “kindness,” and “perseverance” 10,000 times more than any TV show or any amount of computer time provides in the same amo…

Know when to sit out

I just read an article with a quote by martial arts legend Dan Inosanto that struck me and is relevant as Sbn Duethorn and I have been discussing this topic.
This is for older martial artists. “The most difficult part of your training- at this point in your life and going forward- will be knowing when to sit out.”
When I had my knee replaced two years ago I showed my Doctor a photo of me stomp kicking through about two feet of concrete.  I told him I would let the young Black Belts do that now.
I no longer push myself to do bear crawls and crab walks.
I have long time martial arts friends who now do Asian archery and sword practice.  I can see why.
I can still kick head high after a good warmup with no pain or distress but I don’t do explosiveness drills like I used to.  I still kick and punch but don’t go crazy.
I do miss all the tournament prep and competition.  But now, I teach, coach, mentor and enjoy the ride.
Stay training, but warm up well and don’t try to keep up with the kid…

Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee

Meeting Grandmaster Rhee was a fantastic experience.
Known as the Father of American Tae kwon do and inventor of safety equipment he made his mark in the martial arts world.

What impressed me the most was the question he asked at the beginning of his seminar.
What is the purpose of life?

”To be happy” he responded.

Grandmaster, I will never forget.

Grandmaster Kim, Song Ki


Do your children have everything they need for back to school #1

Do your children have everything they need for back to school?
Going back to school means shopping for new clothes, maybe a backpack, school supplies and more. However, preparing your child for September may take more preparation than a visit to the store.  Here

Dan Inosanto -The Man

Dan Inosanto Known to many as one if the greatest martial arts teachers of all time. He was one of Bruce Lee’s original students back in the sixties. He has black belts in dozens if martial arts and is a lifelong learner.  My don James has been training in phillippine martial arts for a few years now and has gotten very skilled.  I have slways been extremely close to him his entire life but this gives us some extra bonding.
While visiting him in California I had the pleasure of traing with his teacher Marie Claire who is a gifted and knowledgable teacher. She is impressive.  We also trained at the legendary Inosanto Academy with the legend himself.  We were in the pres ence of a master tescher. Not only his skills were evident but his knowledge and how he verbalized it was impressive.  I was very excited to take the class and especially to share it with my son.  It helps me realize I have to work harder to be as good a teacher as Guru Dan Inosanto.
Can’t wait until next time!


Not -“The Superman”

Superman, the roller coaster at Six Flags.  A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to ride this world class roller coaster. I like roller coasters, the speed, the excitement, it;s just fun.  This time I wanted to challenge myself to control my excitement and heart rate as if I were in a combat style encounter where my emotions would be challenged.

I had given it some thought.  I would do long slow breathing just like we do at the beginning and end of martial arts classes.  Muk nyum is a meditation state where you can bring your inner calmness into play as a way to feel centered and balanced.

Even though my nephew was screaming in my ear the entire ride I had a lot of success in managing the stress and elevation of emotions. This did not detract from the ride, I still loved it.  I was happy I was able to practice what I could preach.  This was a perfect situation about adrenaline stress management control.

Mike Bogdanski

Bouncer Chonicles- Tony Robbins

Yes that Tony Robbins.

In the 90's I was struck by Tony Robbins positiveness and success oriented psychology.  I read a few of his books and wanted more.  He did a one day seminar in Lowell, Mass. and I had a really great experience there.  During a break, one of the staff recognized me and came up say hello.  He was the student of a Black Belt in the Boston area and had regularly been on Tony's staff when he was in New England.  He asked if I might be interested in working future seminars, knowing my martial arts background and I put the idea in the back of mind.

A year later I did a 4 day seminar with Tony in Worcester.  He is the master motivator.  I believe some of his techniques has rubbed off on me (I hope).  One of my greatest high's was doing the barefoot walk on hot coals!

A year after that I saw he was going to be in NYC for a few days so I packed up my bag and drove down.  I went to the staff meeting and was assigned as Tony Robbins bodyguard (me and one other …