Bouncer Chonicles- Tony Robbins

Yes that Tony Robbins.

In the 90's I was struck by Tony Robbins positiveness and success oriented psychology.  I read a few of his books and wanted more.  He did a one day seminar in Lowell, Mass. and I had a really great experience there.  During a break, one of the staff recognized me and came up say hello.  He was the student of a Black Belt in the Boston area and had regularly been on Tony's staff when he was in New England.  He asked if I might be interested in working future seminars, knowing my martial arts background and I put the idea in the back of mind.

A year later I did a 4 day seminar with Tony in Worcester.  He is the master motivator.  I believe some of his techniques has rubbed off on me (I hope).  One of my greatest high's was doing the barefoot walk on hot coals!

A year after that I saw he was going to be in NYC for a few days so I packed up my bag and drove down.  I went to the staff meeting and was assigned as Tony Robbins bodyguard (me and one other …

Conquering Inner Fears To Achieve Your Dreams

Conquering Inner Fears To Achieve Your Dreamsby Mental Toughness Partners We all have inner fears and mental obstacles that limit our own ability to perform at our best. Conquering inner fears is a challenge we all face at one point or another. We all have experienced that inner voice doubting whether we have got what it takes to succeed at the highest level, or it is paying undue attention to the negative opinions of others. We are often our own greatest enemy when it comes to derailing our dreams and preventing them from becoming reality. However, everyday, people smash those inner fears and achieve their dreams through resolve, determination and a sound plan.  Reproduced below is some useful practical advice on conquering inner fears and controlling your inner voice, first published on the Adidas Plan A project and authoured by contributor Marcus Leach. Just as there can be no night without day, and no light without darkness, there can be no winning without losing and no success w…

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!


Overcoming Obstacles- Big and Small

You think I only watch martial arts movies on netflix. You know I exercise nearly every day and love martial arts, all kinds. But there have been times when I stopped training As a ten-year-old I had heard a little about martial arts from television. I went down to the local YMCA, watched a Judo class and became absolutely mesmerized.  The breakfalls, the throwing the incredible technique, magic to a ten year old. I went home and showed my mother how to do breakfalls on the carpet. Somehow I was never able to attend a class but always pictured my self in a uniform in the deadly oriental art.Fortunately my first hands on experience came from my fifth grade teacher Mr. Pier.He was a professional boxer who loved all sports and especially loved bringing the best out in our class.Every season we played a different sport football in the fall, basketball in the winter and baseball in the spring with the exception on rainy days, when we boxed.In the back of our classroom we had a speed bag, focus m…

My First Boxing Coach

ROLLIE An Old Palooka Who Can Teach You A Thing Or Two
Published May 03. 2009 By Kenton Robinson Day Staff Writer

New London
At 79, HE'S GOT A BAD RIGHT HIP, A BUM LEFT shoulder, and broken fingers on each hand have healed to point in a different direction.
"I had five nose operations," he says. "See this here?" He flattens his nose on his face. "I got no bone."

Still, on any given weekday afternoon, Rollie Pier, dressed in gray sweats, a white towel flung over his shoulder, can be found in the Bank Street gym of Team Strike Zone and Whaling City Boxing, teaching young fighters all that he knows about the sweet science.
"Rollie?" says Raymond "Coach Ray" Hodges Jr., who works with kids at the gym. "He's forgotten more than most people ever know: Life, boxing, you name it, man, the guy's a walking dictionary."
"I'm active in the gym," Pier says. "If I didn't have this bad hip, I'd sti…

The ANTI Bully

Many people know my story.  Bullied and beat up as a teen turned me to martial arts.  Often times over the years I have been invited to many classrooms to talk about our martial arts program.

I always brought my “story” about being bullied and beat up and how that experience motivated me to learn martial arts and then help others avoid this terrible experience if at all possible.The trauma I suffered from being beaten up still lingers in my soul and the anguish comes right back when I tell the story of being beaten up.
Then one day my life changed again when the news flashed the absolutely horrible story of the Columbine shooting in Colorado.It hit me right in the heart.Not only for the victims that were shot, their friends and families, but to the young men that had been harassed for years and thought they had no outlet for their frustration, except for getting some guns and shooting up a school.
I made a decision.I was going to reach more kids, more classrooms, and more schools and le…

If you're over the age of 30, Should You Consider Martial Arts?

Well, yes --and no. You should consider a regular, daily, exercise program. A sensible one; one that starts slow  and lets your fitness sneak up on you (rather than hitting you over the head with it). A martial arts program certainly has the potential to be a fantastic complete training program, as it includes stretching, strength training, aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and requires a kind of mental focus that is like a moving meditation.

 As a matter of fact, if the instructor you choose has the right kinds of experience. yoy can get so much out of training. Instructors that are under the age of 30 are often spectacular athletes, but it’s important that they have an understanding of how to teach people of all ages. But, find a great teacher and the martial arts can become your best friend. The training can keep you supple, sharp, and clear thinking. A martial arts school, directed by a conscientious professional teacher, can be a centering, inspiring, refreshing place that you love g…

Bouncer Chronicles - 4

In some of these chronicles it may seem like things got a little rough.  They really weren't.  Although... 

One rainy dark Sunday night we were closing the bar, the doors were locked and there was a knock at the door.  There were double glass doors and someone was asking to come in and use the phone because his car had broken down.  This was way before cell phones but there was a payphone at the diner next door.     

I politely refused him and directed him to the payphone.  He argued with me and even kicked the door once because he was mad.  He eventually stormed away.  We had plenty of cash for the day and I was wary of this guy.  I kept thinking, all he had to do was pull out a gun, point it at me and demand to come in.  I would have been at his mercy and felt totally vulnerable.

The next week I bought a gun.

Bionic Parts

I had heard people get replacement parts although I never though the day would come when I needed one.  Hips, knees and anything you can think of has worn out on people and then needed a newer better part to keep functioning.  Little did I know I was next.

I have always been healthy and went for annual check ups.  Strong as a bull I would tell people.  But just a few years ago when I was sparring there was a big snap in my knee and down I went, a torn meniscus.

I got a brace and things went along fine.  They forecast a knee replacement down the road.  They said I would know when I was ready.  I kept training and suffering and finally the day came.  I polled people that had replacements, Chris Bannon Rodrigues, Billy Blanks, and they said do it!  Here I am now with a total knee replacement.  19 Days later I am walking fine (slowly), have given up the walker and cane and look forward to a great recovery.

Now I know what Grandmaster Kim means when he says martial arts is for health.  Let…

Jack Scott- United Karate Studio- Cookeville, TN

Jack Scott- United Karate- Cookeville, Tennessee Around 1988, I arrived at my inlaws who had relocated to Cookeville from New Jersey.  We had brought my four year old son there to visit his grandparents and spend some quality family time.  After being there a few days I casually leafed through the yellow pages to see what karate schools were around.  My eyes landed on Jack Scotts United Karate Studio and I decided to call. I explained I was visiting family and asked if I could come down and watch some karate classes.  Mr. Scott said it was not a good night to come down but the next night would be better.  Of course that prompted me to go down and see why I could not watch.  Well he received me with open arms and let me watch for several hours.  We talked for a long time and then he asked if I would like to take a class the next night.  I responded I would like to but had not brought my uniform.  He loaned me a uniform and Black Belt and we had only just met! The next night I showed u…